Air Canada Cancellation Policy

Air Canada Flight Cancellation | Ticket Cancellation

There are many instances when you might not want to take your flight to your destination or would like to cancel your flight. Understanding such situations, Air Canada allows you to cancel your flight. However, there are a few guidelines regarding cancellation.As per the Air Canada Cancellation Policy

You will be able to get full refunds for your tickets when you cancel it within 24 hours of purchase, and you will not be charged with Air Canada Cancellation fee. However, this does not get applied to promotional or seat sale tickets that are non-refundable. In most of the Air Canada tickets, you will find words like non-refundable, which clearly states whether your ticket is refundable or not.

When you purchase an Economy Basic Fare ticket, you must know that as per the Air Canada cancellation policy, you won’t be able to cancel your flight. After 24 hours of purchase, you won’t be able to get refunds. And even no credits will be provided for your future travel. For passengers with Economy Basic Fare ticket, Air Canada Flight Change Policy also doesn’t get applied.

All Non-Refundable Tickets

All unused non-refundable tickets can be used as a credit to buy one new ticket in the same passengers’ name.  However, you must travel within 1 year from the date when the original ticket has been issued to you. If your journey fare is low, any remaining amount will be forfeited. If there’s any additional amount to your fare, change fees will be applied.

How to Cancel Air Canada Flight Tickets?

Cancellation of tickets can be done either online or by contacting your travel agency, through which you have made your Air Canada Reservations. When canceling your tickets online, please note that not all tickets can be cancelled online. According to the Air Canada Flight Cancellation Policy, you can cancel your tickets online:

  • When you have made reservations for your Air Canada Flight through the airline’s official website.
  • When you are canceling your entire booking.
  • When you are cancelling your flight 2 hours before the schedule departure of the flight.

You won’t be able to cancel your tickets online if you have booked your flight through Air Canada reservations or through any travel agency.  

If you want to make a partial cancellation, then you will have to call Air Canada Reservations.

When you want to cancel your Aeroplan Reward Booking, you will have to contact Aeroplan directly.

How to Cancel Air Canada Flight Tickets Online?

To cancel your tickets online, you simply have to visit the airline’s official website and follow the below process.

  • Once you open the home page of the airline on your desktop or tablet, click on Manage my booking option.
  • Now you can find your booking through either of the ways:
  • For single flight booking, enter your booking reference number, last name, and the number of your credit card you have used to make the booking.
  • To get access to all your bookings, you will have to sign in and then select the bookings which you wish to cancel.
  • Now click on the Cancel Booking link on your flight booking page and follow the instructions. This will let you to cancel your booking.
  • When you complete the whole cancellation process, a confirmation email will be sent to your email, which you have given while making your reservation.

How do Air Canada’s online refunds work?

You will be refunded your complete fare when you cancel your booking online, and you will be provided with an online refund. You will also be provided with the option to keep the value of your unused ticket for your future travel.

When only a part of your travel value is refundable, you will be provided with an option to retain the value of your unused ticket for future travel. You can also make a request for a partial refund by contacting the Air Canada Reservations.

You will not be provided with refunds when you purchase a non-refundable fare and have canceled your booking online. The value of your ticket will be kept to be used as a future travel credit.

You can contact the Air Canada Reservations, to use the value of an unused ticket for your future travel.

If you wish to cancel your reservation for which an upgrade has been confirmed, you’ll have to call Air Canada Reservations to request refunds.

In case of flight delays and cancellations

If your Air Canada flight gets canceled or is delayed due to some reasons like weather conditions or fog, you can use the airlines delayed or cancelled flight service to search for another flight or to cancel your remaining flight online.

Accessing the Service Online

When the airline announce that your flight has been delayed or canceled due to severe weather conditions, then you can access the service online by providing your booking reference number and passenger last name.

When your flight gets delayed or cancelled due to severe weather conditions, in such a case many a time the airline will also arrange an alternate flight for you.

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