Air Canada Refund Policy

Air Canada Refund Tickets

Traveling by Air Canada flight, you don’t need to worry about the loss of your money when you cancel your flight or in the case when you have not used their service. You will be refunded back your money if your ticket is eligible for refunds.There are certain other conditions as per the Air Canada Refund Policy, following which your tickets will be eligible for refunds.You will be refunded back your full money without penalty if you cancel your tickets within 24 hours of purchase. However, this will not be applied on non-refundable tickets (promotional or seat sale tickets). It’s easy to identify such tickets as words like non-refundable will be clearly mentioned on them.

Flight Pass Booking

If you cancel your Flight Pass bookings, refunds will be credited within 24 hours of booking directly to your flight pass account, and no cancellation fee will be applied.

Economy Basic Fare Ticket

If you are planning to fly on an Economy Base fare ticket, you won’t be able to cancel or change your flight. You also won’t be able to get a refund after 24 hours, and no credits for your future travel.   

Receiving time of refund

When your refund is being reviewed by the airline’s refund representatives, it will take around 3 weeks for your Air Canada Refund to be reviewed.

No-Refundable Tickets

If you are thinking about what can be done about non-refundable tickets, then don’t need to get worried.  All unused non-refundable tickets can be used as a credit to buy one new ticket in the same passenger’s name.  However, it must be used within 1 year from the date when the original ticket has been issued. In case when your journey fare is low, your remaining amount will be relinquished. But, if there’s an additional amount to your fare, change fees will be applied.

How do Air Canada Refunds Work Online?

When you cancel your fully refundable fare online, you will be provided with an online refund. In this case, you are provided with an option to keep your unused ticket for your future travel.

When you cancel your partial refundable ticket, you are provided with two options; either to retain the value of your unused ticket for future travel or to request a partial refund by contacting the Air Canada Reservations.

Refunds will not be provided when you purchase a non-refundable fare and cancel it online.  The value of your ticket will be kept to be used as a future travel credit.

If you like to use the value of your unused ticket for your future travel, then you will have to contact the Air Canada Reservations.

If you are canceling your reservations for which an upgrade has been confirmed, you will have to contact Air Canada Reservations, so that your tickets get canceled and you get Air Canada refund policy.

Overall Refund Services for Refundable Tickets and Paid Air Canada Services

  • If you have already traveled by an Air Canada Flight, you can use the airline’s Ticket Refund Application Form to get refunds. You can return back to the tool at any time to know about your ticket status.
  • If you haven’t traveled by your Air Canada Flight, and wish to get refunds for your unused tickets, you can ask for it from where you have originally purchased it.
  • When you cancel your refundable fare tickets that are booked through the airline’s official website, the refund process will automatically get initiated.
  • Tickets directly booked through the Air Canada Agent can be canceled directly by contacting them.
  • All tickets booked through any other travel agency, or any other airline or website, can be canceled only by requesting them.

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