Privacy Policy

The airline is committed to protect its customer’s personal information as they have the right keep their information safe and up to themselves. The privacy policy clearly describes how the airline collects, uses, and discloses personal information, as well as their right over that information. The airline’s Principal Privacy Officer is responsible for over-serving what the airline does with its customer’s information and also for monitoring compliance with its data protection laws.

Customers who have any queries regarding the airline’s privacy policy or practices can contact Air Canada’s Privacy Office by email, phone or facsimile. Here’s the airline’s office mail ID:

What’s the airline’s motive behind collecting your personal data?

When you purchase or use Air Canada products or services, you are required to provide certain personal information to complete the transaction. And to ensure this, the airline will contact  you as necessary. For example, when you reserve an Air Canada Flight ticket for yourself, your family or someone else through online or any travel agent, you will have to provide the following details:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Email address
  • Payment Card Number

The airline needs this information to identify you for legal and security purposes, and also to contact you to complete your purchase. A few other purposes include customer service, management, and marketing or products and services.

Special Meals:  Special meals are offered to passengers in many of the Air Canada flights. However, passengers need to determine the availability of meals while making reservations. When you make such a request the information will be recorded on your travel booking. This information is then conveyed to the applicable catering services and also to the flight crew. If your journey includes a transfer from Air Canada to another airline, your request for special meal will be shifted to the appropriate place where you can get this service.

Discounts for Children:  For all children and infants, Air Canada offers discounts. To access their fare eligibility, and to ensure that their ticket is correctly processed, the airline will record their date of birth at the time of reservation. On the day of departure, their personal identification, along with their date of birth, needs to be presented at the airport.

Security and Safeguards

The airline treats your personal information strictly confidential and has implemented appropriate physical, organizational, and technical security measures that are designed to help protect the security of any personal information the airline processes.

Individual Access

Passengers can access their personal information by logging into on the homepage or by contacting Air Canada at their Private Office. The airline will respond to the request within a limited time frame.

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